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Style is a simple way of saying complicated things

- Jean Cocteau, 1936



My story dates back to 1996 when I bought my first straightener cased in a garishly bright yellow plastic. In those days we didn't have ceramic plates and temperature dials was an idealistic wish but my oversized flat iron which barely fitted the comfort of my hands and took just too long to heat, was perfect!

My passion for hairstyling had been born...



Some years later I decided to turn this art form into my profession and now I am qualified to deliver the most lavish of hair styles including exotic bridals.



My expression on hair has been inspired by the fashionistas of Hollywood and Bollywood along with the class of quaint essential English demeanour. I like to infuse Western vintage into an Asian moment or bring the explosive colours of the East into the charming West. So whether you're a lady of classical taste or daringly bold, I'll bring your hair to life.



I am professional and friendly so you can expect to have a stress free experience with me. Every booking will be serviced with a full consultation and details about your likes and dislikes will be recorded so we can choose your perfect hairstyle together. I am more than happy to offer advice or deliver your perfect vision for your big day whether its an engagement party, wedding day, anniversary, birthday, prom, lavish night out or just because!




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